Montag, 29. November 2010

Don GAIS Trio - Atlantis, Basel

The Don Gais Trio were:  Don Gais, piano;  Paul Girard, bass;  Pierre Favre, drums

Wow: Young Pierre Favre on this early Ex Libris record. By the way he was not so young at this time. Born 1937 his career began in the early 50ies at the age of 17. And his discography does not mention this Don Gais record! May-be he forgot, or he did not like his play so much.

The tracks are:  Perdido  /  Jorda  /  Once in a while  /  Don't got around much anymore  -  Tenderly  /  Sophiticated Lady  /  Tangerine  /  Take the A train.

Great piano play! Can easily compete with big names! 
Recording: This record was recorded live in the Atlantis. It appears more balanced and harmonious than the Enzo Nestasio. There is more bass. Beautiful sound, beautiful music! Great!

Newspaper advertisement (1958/09): Von Don Gais erscheint die Platte GC-658, 25cm LP, "Jazz at the Atlantis Nr.1" mit Paul Girard (b) und Pierre Favre (dr)  
By Don Gais appears the record GC-658, 25cm LP, "Jazz at the Atlantis No. 1" with Paul Girard (b) and Pierre Favre (drums)

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